How to start your own wallet under Linux

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How to start your own wallet under Linux

Post by IGJ » 23 Aug 2018, 12:16

Before you start make sure you have at minimum 2GB of free space in your home directory.

user@machine:~$ wget ... nux.tar.gz
user@machine:~$ tar xvfz riecoin-0.10.2-linux.tar.gz

This is the latest official version of the wallet up to date (2018-08-06). There you have 2 binaries for 2 different architectures 64bit and 32bit linux. And the source code of the wallet. If you doubt what is your linux version type:

user@machine:~$ uname -m

(x86_64 = 64bit )

Enter to ~/riecoin-0.10.2-linux/bin/64_OR_32 and run ./riecoind . When you start it for first time it will generate random rpc password and few files then will exit. You will see rpcuser=riecoinrpc and rpcpassword=LONG_STRING copy them and open with your favorite text editor ~/.riecoin/riecoin.conf then paste the copied lines in it, add and these lines

Save and close the file.

If you want to speed up syncing process you have to get and unpack riecoin blockchain. First if your riecoind is running stop it.
user@machine:~$ cd ~/.riecoin/
user@machine:~/.riecoin$ wget ... -06.tar.gz
user@machine:~/.riecoin$ wget ... -06.tar.gz
user@machine:~/.riecoin$ tar xvfz blocks_2018-08-06.tar.gz
user@machine:~/.riecoin$ tar xvfz chainstate_2018-08-06.tar.gz
user@machine:~/.riecoin$ cd ~/riecoin-0.10.2-linux/bin/64_OR_32

Simply start ./riecoind

It will need a little time for sync process to finish. You can monitor the progress using this command:

tail -f ~/.riecoin/debug.log

Alternatively you can use riecoin node versions from community builds: ... 001.tar.gz
Contains static linked binaries that should work on any linux distribution. Console wallets only 32bit and 64bit for intel architectures.
Fix: Initial nodes discover. ... ian.tar.gz
Contains shared linked binaries and source code. Builded on Debian 9 (stretch). Binaries are console and qt (graphical) wallet. If you like, can build your wallet from the source. In source directory added file HOWTO_COMPILE, read it first and install needed dependancies.
Fix: Compiler errors and warning.
Fix: Initial nodes discover. ... rpi.tar.gz
Contain shared and static linked binaries for raspberry Pi. Shared binaries are build for raspberian/debian 9. There are console and qt (graphical) versions. Static binaries are only console wallet, and should work on older raspberian versions.
Fix: Initial nodes discover.
Need: More testing

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