Developing riecoin web wallet

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Developing riecoin web wallet

Post by IGJ » 28 Aug 2018, 13:28

One of the things that stopping (by me) more users to come to riecoin is harder way they to store and use their coins. One of my ideas to make the use and storing RICs is to create web wallet in style of paypal. Users can do registration on web site, where they will have own wallet address, and merchandisers will have small addon to implement to their sites, so users can easy login and pay for goods or services with Riecoins. Also all that system to be open source, so every one who want to start own web wallet or want to start own pay system can get it for free, and modify it as he likes.
What should the system be like:
1. Easy to use web wallet
1.1 simple registration email, password
1.2 receiving/sending riecoins
1.3 transaction history
2. Merchandiser easy to implement
2.1 small java scripts (like paypal do it) that will communicate with web wallet and will do payments.

What I'm thinking about web wallet part...
SQL data base where everything will be stored, also we different part can communicate to each other via sql (this way we can avoid locking and some threading issues), the other way is to develop own storing method or to relay on Riecoin wallet storing, but both do not look me very practical.
From here we have two options, to get riecoin wallet to remove qt part and clear the code and to implement in it SQL functions so all wallet related writes to be done from wallet directly, the other option will be to write program layer which will communicate with wallet via RPC calls and to write/read in SQL. I think first method will be easier to be done, but we will have to maintain and that wallet code. The second method will be wallet version independent but more places where we can do security leaks, also it will not be unique for Riecoin only. Also will be slower, even if we write that layer on C/C++, and there will be some points where we can do very good program synchronization between wallet node, SQL. More point of view here are needed to can take right decision.
The front end I think should be on PHP + JS. Most important here will be security and easy to use. PHP should read/write in SQL, perform some checks for false login attempts, white/black listing by IP, sending mails for password recovery, unblock account (for example if 3 fall attempts for loging account is locked for 20 minutes, after 3 account locks in 24 hours account is blocked and unblock email is send to registered mail).

We will need people with C/C++, php, JS, html, css experience.

All ideas are welcome, also if somebody have experience with such systems will be great to share how others do it.

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Re: Developing riecoin web wallet

Post by lzknv » 15 Oct 2018, 15:29

Have you used ?

It was suspended during early 2018 but now resumed. This is a very convenient tool without registration.

Wrapping it in a webview in Android apps could be an Android wallet prototype?

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Re: Developing riecoin web wallet

Post by IGJ » 16 Oct 2018, 15:27

Yes I played a little with Cryptapus tools, and I am finding them very good and innovative.

My idea here is we to develop entirely payment system based on riecoin not only web or android wallet and to release it for free. I think this way we can make already mined RICs more useful, not to be only for speculative purposes. Imagine it like mix between paypal and crypto exchange, but without trading functions. If we manage to write such system we will achieve this main goals by me:
- Android wallet - will be accessible via browser.
- Easy and secure way people to access their coins from everywhere - maybe will drawn more people to use RICs
- Easy and secure way merchandisers who want to trade their services or goods with crypto to use RICs - this can popularize the coin
- And as it will be free and open source, will create favorable environment for persons or companies who want to create own payment systems with RICs to deploy such and customize it as they need.

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