Poloenix will stop their wallet on 2 September 2018 !!!!!

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Poloenix will stop their wallet on 2 September 2018 !!!!!

Post by IGJ » 23 Aug 2018, 11:41

Retrospection of Poloniex actions:

In the end of February 2018 when Poloniex disabled riecoin wallet on their exchange.

In the end of July 2018, after all tickets to their support they decided to finally re enable the wallet (they had just to restart their node, because of network halving in late February)

On 26 July 2018 Poloenix announced that will delist Riecoin from their exchange and last date to which you can withdraw your coins from them is 2 September 2018. The reason of this is lack of trade volume on pair Riecoin - Bitcoin.

As you all can see their actions are ridiculous ! They kept their wallet disabled for six months and then complained for low trade volume !

Best you can do now is to withdraw your coins from Poloniex ! Do not give away your Riecoins to them ! After 02.09.2018 all Riecoins that are still in Poloniex wallet will be theirs !!!

In How to section you will find information about your current options to withdraw your coins from Poloniex.

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