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Zapple news

Post by Pttn » 20 Nov 2018, 11:59

As we did not get much news about this exchange since a very long time, I contacted Zapple for this, and here is what I got from Guy Powell = guytp:
We’re really busy at Zapple and that’s why I haven’t been on BTCT recently.

We’re in the process of a private equity funding round to support our financial services licensing. We’re currently in the process of obtaining licenses to offer full banking facilities to Zapple customers. This means that early next year (Q1/Q2) we’ll be able to issue each customer with bank accounts and debit cards tied to them. Shortly after (late 2019) we’ll have the debit cards tied directly to floating crypto balance so you won’t even need to cash-out in order to spend your crypto. That means crypto can be spent at anywhere that accepts Mastercard and withdrawn from any ATM as cash. Our push for customers and volume has always been due to come inline with this. We’re also in the process of a partnership with another company that will drive volume to the platform – again we’re looking at this coming online around Q1 time.

Everything I’ve said in this e-mail you are welcome to share if you want to with others – and I hope this gives an indication of where we’re moving at the moment.
He also sent me confidential documents about their plans, and I can say that the Zapple's future looks great and we can expect some consequent volume in a few months! They seem to work very hard, even though we are not seeing much progress, and we just have to be patient. I hope that they will be able to fulfill all their expectations!
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