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by ziiip
27 Sep 2018, 00:43
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Topic: Superblocks discussion
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Re: Superblocks finders

I don't think many users will be keen on bragging about their superblocks found by proving they own the wallet ;)

Considering we have no idea who runs this forum(or any forum for that matter) I would recommend everyone keep their personal info as private as possible
by ziiip
25 Sep 2018, 05:25
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Any news about XPoolX exchange?
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Re: Any news about XPoolX exchange? will continue to operate a Riecoin pool for many years into the future :) Lately I have been preoccupied with a few projects but have not forgotten about Riecoin. My main efforts are focused around raising funds for listing on new exchanges since it's obvious gatra is not in the best posit...